Jedzenie Zamiast Bomb

We are a group of people who act under the aegis of the worldwide Food Not Bombs movement. We are happy to cook and serve free, warm, vegetarian meals to the destitude and those who want to come and eat with us in protest against poverty, armament and wars. Big money destined for armament and waging wars, in which mainly civilians suffer, could be spent as the aid for the poorest. To satisfy hunger is such a basic need that no development is available without it. With our actions, we counter the consumer lifestyle, as well. Most of the vegetables for our meals we get free from the salesmen at a local open-air market. They woudn't be sold due to their look, not enough attractive. The money for the rest of the products is earned on organizing concerts or it comes out of our own pockets. Preparing dinner for 40 people costs us no more than 40 zloty (about 11 Euro). At present it takes place twice a month, every second and fourth Saturday at 1.30 p.m. in Chopin Park in Gliwice. We encourage everybody to cooperate. Good will, some free time and also one's own bread-board is enough.

Food Not Bombs in Gliwice started in July 2003 with initiative of people connected with Krzyk Society. This group was involved even earlier in cooking and giving help to the destitude. For 2,5 year (from March 2000 to October 2002) we had been proceeding with the action we had called Food Not Politics, which point was to give free meals to the homeless and poor people every Sunday. The action was taking place on the Railway Station and the Bus Station in Gliwice and soon afterwards near the homeless shelter. It was done together with the projects of an informal group Gigant (later The Children And Familiy Support Society "Gigant"). The meals were low-cost as most of the ingredients we got free from a local open-air market. They woudn't be sold due to their not enough attractive look. Every Sunday we would serve about 40 meals. In July 2003 about 30 FNB activists from the Netherlands visited us. On 22 July, together, we made a big FNB action in the centre of Gliwice, near the town council. 200 hot, free, vegetarian meals were served and 100 kilos of bread was given out. The activists from Opole, Wroc³aw and Poznań participated in this event as well. From September 2003 to March 2005 the action was taken once a month. On the begining of January 2004 we entertained Keith McHenry, co-founder of FNB. He took part in our action. Also, a small meeting was held on the squat Krzyk, where Keith told us about the begining of FNB. In February 2007, after 2-year break, we reactivated our activity and continued to the end of the year.